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Below you can find answers to the frequently asked questions about your FitPass membership

What is FitPass and how to use it?
Informations about sports facilities and disciplines
Private Users
Business Users

1. What is FitPass and how to use it?

What is FitPass?

FitPass is brand with an idea to motivate people to have a healthy and active lifestyle. With FitPass card, you have an ability to practice many sports and go to many different sports facilities at the cost of just one monthly membership.

In FitPass system there are best gyms, swimming pools, fitness centres, dance studios, and many other sports facilities. Each of them will satisfy the need and desired of the individual, while saving time and money.

What are the benefits of FitPass for individual users?

FitPass is an easiest and the most profitable way to approach to sport and recreation in BiH. Instead of paying a several membership in different sports centres, FitPass provides a single membership to access a large number of sports facilities in 10 cities in BiH and train over 40 sports disciplines. Adapt your activities to your needs, and be active wherever you are!

What are the benefits of FitPass for companies?

FitPass is an unique system for motivation, which allows employees from private and public sector to use large number of sports facilities and activities throughout BiH. FitPass is a great way to invest in employees, opportunity to strengthen their loyalty to your company and increase productivity. Thanks to our approach to constant development of employees, with our individual deals and upgrading the system, FitPass is a pioneer of this type of rewarding the employees in BiH. FitPass system will increase the physical condition, as well as the productivity of employees in all companies that are involved in the program. Benefits: a) Healthier approach to life increases the productivity and indirectly affect the magnification of the business income. b) Better health status of employees will cause less absenteeism. c) The optimal solution - Offers are made according to the needs and capabilities of the company. d) Increases the attractiveness of the company for potential employees. e) The positive image of the company - Be a company that positively affect the fulfillment of the professional and personal needs of employees, in many ways.

How can I get FitPass?

Depending on whether you want to be a private or business user of FitPass service, read further how to get the FitPass.

How to use the FitPass?

To access the desired facility in the FitPass system, you need to scan the facility's QR code at the entrance via the FitPass application. This will record the arrival.


How often may I use FitPass?

It is possible to use only one term (one training) per day. 

In which cities may I use FitPass?

There are more than 10 cities in FitPass system. FitPass can be used in every city and sports facility that is in FitPass system.

May another person use my FitPass membership?

Using someone else’s membership is not allowed. Each membership is personalized and can be used only by the owner

2. Informations about sports facilities and disciplines

Which sports facilities may I use with FitPass card?

You can use any sports facility from the list of FitPass partners, regarding the membership fee you have.

How can I find a desirable sports facility or discipline in my area?

Check our page with the list of FitPass partners, and use filters like ‘choose city’ or ‘choose sports discipline’ and you will easily find the nearest sports facility.

How can I find more information of specific sports facilities and their offer?

Every sports facility which is partner of FitPass, has it’s page (profile) on the page OBJECTS. Find their page and read more informations about their offer and services. * Always read all the information about sports facility before you visit it.

May I visit several sports facilities per one month?

Yes! Train where you want, what you want and when you want – That is what FitPass is all about.

Which sport disciplines and activities may I use with FitPass?

In FitPass system there are more than 40 sports disciplines which you can train! Choose your favorite discipline on the page OBJECTS, pick the nearest facility and enjoy your training now.

May I use all activities without extra charge?

The most activities from FitPass system are without extra charge, but some of them need participation. On page OBJECTS you can find desired sports facility and read the necessary information.

Do I need to make a reservation before I go to sports facility?

The most sports facilities in FitPass system don’t require booking or reservation. However, certain activities have specific terms of use or number of prospective members, so it is necessary to make an appointment. Read the necessary information about the sports facility and it’s service before you visit it!

3. Private Users

How can I get FitPass?

Visit our FITPASS home page, fill out the application and register on our site. When you choose the desired package and fill in the required information, you will receive an e-mail with instructions and instructions for payment. After we have registered your payment, you will receive login data through the application, as well as an e-mail that the membership fee is active.

Which packages of FitPass membership fee may I choose?

In FitPass offer there are monthly (with 12, 16 and 30/31 terms) and multi-monthly membership fees (3, 6 and 12 months - each of them has 16 terms per one month). On multi-monthly membership fees there is added discount.

Where and How may I pay for FitPass membership fee?

Payments can be made at any post office, bank, via e-banking.

May I pause or stop active FitPass membership?

You can’t pause or stop your active membership. Pay attention when you are activating your FitPass membership.

How to check the number of remaining term and expiration date of membership?

In the profile section within the application, you can check the number of remaining appointments.

Are the unused term transferred to the following month/fee?

Unused terms are not transferred to the next month/membership fee.

How to re-charge my membership fee?

Seven days before the expiration of the current package, you will receive a notification about the expiration of the membership fee and instructions for the next payment to your e-mail. If you want to change your membership fee package, adjust the payment amount to the desired package. After recording the payment, the account will be activated, and you will receive a notification.

4. Business Users

How can I get FitPass?

You can become a user only if you are employed in a company registered in BiH and if your employer is a partner of the FitPass system.


How can I pay FitPass membership fee?

Paying for FitPass business card depends on the company you are working in. Contact your HR service and find more information.

My company isn’t partner of FitPass system. What should I do?

If you want your company to become a FitPass partner, contact our Call Centre on +38733/867-591 or via and we will do our best to make a cooperation. If your company doesn’t want to make a cooperation, you can always order a FitPass card for individual users.