CSRP Women's Gym

FitnessGroup training

Working hours

Monday 07:00-21:00
Tuesday 07:00-21:00
Wednesday 07:00-21:00
Thursday 07:00-21:00
Friday 07:00-21:00
Saturday 07:00-21:00
Sunday 07:00-21:00

About us

As a result of the expansion of the CSRP "Gym", "Womens gym" was created. It is envisaged to offer women in their rooms a freedom of exercise in a full intima that includes functional fitness and a group training room.
What does a functional fitness center mean? The purpose of functional fitness is to enable the body to perform everyday activities in a healthier and easier way. What distinguishes us from others is a sem
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Paromlinska 56, Novo Sarajevo, Sarajevo